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Create new value, inspire and protect your customers with the best products and services

Our Mission

With passion, pride and speed, active communication with customers in order to provide products and services that exceed their expectations


We value integrity, customer orientation, creativity, and agile and creative activities, and we respect people with motivation and team spirit.

Our History

Armaghaneshragh with a long history in providing comprehensive communication and telecommunication solutions to its customers, has been engaged in meeting the needs of today with a view to the future, and therefore always a few years It has been ahead of the current situation and has had close relations with prominent telecommunications manufacturers. Currently, the main activity of the company is to build integrated networks in order to provide services (Triple Play) Voice / Video / Data on the IP platform, and the company’s focus is more on access and distribution layers, and over time new products Presents itself based on the needs of the day.
Another part of the work is related to setting up a data center and designing and supplying server and storage equipment for the country’s executive bodies and private organizations. The main supplier in this regard is HPE.
Network infrastructure equipment such as routers and other radio equipment with the MikroTik brand is another category of the company’s activities to meet the needs of operators.
All equipment of this company is done by confirming the provision of warranty services by the commercial office. And the company has obtained the necessary legal licenses for this purpose. The most important of them is the license to buy and sell radio equipment from the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, which shows the high engineering power of this company.A

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