Huawei ADEE2 Board

     نگاهی به لاین کارت هوآوی  ADEE2 Board


  • دارای ۶۴ پورت ADSL2 به‌همراه بوق است.
  • تنها شامل یک مدل H565ADEE2 می‌باشد.
برای آگاهی از خدمات خرید و فروش محصولات با شماره ۹۱۰۰۱۸۱۸ - ۰۲۱ تماس بگیرید.
  • The control module loads the board software, controls the running of the board, and manages the entire board.
  • The power module supplies power to each functional module of the board.
  • The clock module provides clock signals for each functional module of the board.
  • The splitter in the interface module separates the narrowband and the broadband signals from the ADSL2 over POTS signals transmitted from the ATU-R. The ADSL2 signals are forwarded to the ADEE board, and the narrowband signals to the PSTN device through the PSTN port. In the opposite direction, the ADSL2 signals from the ADEE board and the POTS signals from the PSTN device are combined as the ADSL2 over POTS signals, and the ADSL2 over POTS/ADSL2 signals are transmitted to the ATU-R through the LINE port.
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